Eti levi, 1981.


My work asks questions about language, image and their embodiment in culture.


I play with figuration, unearthing the image's legitimacy and formality, and at once also its arbitrariness - the word and its definition are key underlying concepts in my work. 

The unstable landscape of the term allows me to roam freely within thought and art practice, between mediums.


I eagerly seek the connection between word and image: there is a gap between them where language, anchored in culture, dissolves. The fluidity of the mark allows the viewer to question his firm hold of language and its meaning; writing melts into stain, stain becomes writing.


Writing and imagery created in my works explore the space between unusual and normative moments in language (written and spoken),  as expressed in canonical cultural texts.


My actions point to an in-between state- the emergency, the temporary- which becomes legitimate and continual, leading to, eventually: existent, present reality.